So that we can guarantee our description to potential buyers, you can drop the item(s) you want to sell in to our warehouse or we will visit you in person to give an objective appraisal of them. Sometimes you don't notice bumps and scratches when you've had something a while but you can be sure a buyer will so honesty is definitely the best policy! Most people won't mind if something is marked as long as they know about it and they have taken that into account when deciding to buy. Generally, we work on a minimum anticipated item or lot value of £25.  



If you prefer, we can store your items FREE in our secure warehouse until they sell. This may give you immediate extra space, or help if you are moving house. 



We will research similar items for sale and price it accordingly. We price to sell as quickly as possible but of course try to get you the best price. We will discuss your thoughts on pricing and take that into account and can try a higher price for a limited time to "test the market". We may ask whether you have minimum you would be prepared to accept.



We take a number of digital photographs of each piece including close ups of any details. These are edited to ensure the piece is presented in the best possible way. These are not always all listed but can be used to send to potential buyers who want more information.

Professional listing on our long established and successful 100% positive feedback ebay shop.


Astonishingly, ebay now has over 20 million registered UK users. We're very proud of our ebay reputation for our excellent service and part of this is ensuring that descriptions of products are honest and clear. Any additional information you have that may interest the buyer is also worth passing on to us to help with the sale e.g. is it from a well known store or brand, is it an antique etc.

Communication and negotiation with buyers on your behalf.

Our highly experienced team will quickly and efficiently differentiate serious interest from time wasters and buyers will generally want to ask questions about the item e.g. to clarify dimensions. We will deal with all of this by email or phone until a sale is confirmed.

Arranging collection from you and delivery to buyer

Moving larger items and arranging delivery elsewhere can be difficult, awkward and costly at the best of times and is often the biggest reason why people put off or decide against changing things. We normally organise delivery to the buyer but as it is the buyers responsibility to pay delivery costs,  they may choose to collect directly from you. Or they could collect the item from our warehouse if we are storing it there. This would all be agreed at time of purchase.